Why “Taken” Men are More Attractive?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo courtesy of accidentalsexiness.com

Or rather, why women — and men — are more attracted to men who are already in relationships.
First of all, these are merely my observations and somewhat uncorroborated theories on the matter, so don’t take this to heart and scream bloody murder if you discommend my thoughts. Do, however, share your opinions if you have any. This is also not a personal attack on anyone.
We always hear about some women still looking to pry someone’s boyfriend away or going for married men. We’ve even gone as far as calling them “itchy cunts”. But where’s the logic, right? Is it temporary insanity? Is it really true love — the right guy, wrong timing sort of thing?

Display of Commitment
Well, my theory is simple. These women may not even be really attracted to these men; take them out of their relationships and suddenly they ain’t so hot anymore. What they’re attracted to, however, is the display of commitment. Women go for other women’s boyfriends because these guys show that they’re committed enough to want to be in a relationship, and they go for married men because married men prove that they actually can and want to take care and live happily ever after with someone. These women are probably insecure, or have been hurt in the past by some sod who can’t commit. They probably refuse to take risks with other single guys whose commitment isn’t guaranteed.

Another plausible reason is probably money. Guys with girlfriends, wives and families tend to have that extra cash to keep everybody surviving and happy. Perhaps there’s a perception that single guys spend all that cash on themselves and wouldn’t know how to stop and spend on their other halves when they do go into relationships.

Be Attracted But Don’t Act
All that said, that attraction itself is rather harmless but acting upon it is another matter altogether. I admit, I find myself somewhat drawn to fathers — men with kids are adorable, like Hugh Jackman (pictured above). But respect your own kind; put yourself in their shoes before you decide to go after their men. Not so pleasant, is it?
Plus, in this day and age, married men does are not necessarily equivalents of wonderful, caring and loving Prince Charmings. You’ve heard stories of domestic violence, serial cheaters, high divorce rates and all sorts of horrendous marriage nightmares. So being a homewrecker might not be the only “sacrifice” one has to make.

But Wait …
Ah, so what about men who go for women in relationships and marriages? Could it be an innate “forbidden fruit” thrill? Men, please humor me.